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20130524 quilts receivedWestlake United Church Trust (WUCT) is an award winning Non-Profit Organisation that employs 60 people at its multi-service facility.

Westlake is hidden behind business and upmarket residential complexes where WUCT acts as the hub of the 12000 residents of the community. In Rhoda Kadalie’s words, “WUCT is evidence of a community taking its destiny into its own hands”.

The WUCT project addresses issues of extreme poverty, ill health, early childhood development, unemployment and social issues through 3 arms:

  • Emmanuel Educare pre-school catering for up to 210 children
  • Home-Based Care (HBC) programme supporting 350 people, with the carers conducting on average 2000 home visits per month
  • Community Advice Office provides the community with pamphlets and information and serves, on average, 400 people per month.