Our People

The WUCT team extends well beyond the 55 people directly employed by the Trust, each of whom is a star in their own right, from Andre our caretaker to Richard our General Manager, Patti the receptionist at the Advice office, and Veronica, a Home Based Carer; each member of the management and team integral to delivery the service we do.

WUCT is underpinned by a strong board of trustees who wield their influence and experience on behalf of WUCT with government, corporations, local businesses, other NPOs and their personal contacts, to further the aims of WUCT.

Our sponsors and partners are what makes it possible for us to help the people of Westlake Village.

And lastly, but not least, and without whom none of this would be possible, the people of Westlake Village comprise the bigger team, who continually surprise and delight us with their creativity and ability to rise above the very difficult circumstances they often find themselves in.IMG_0108