donate_102_34The future of our country, our communities and our people are in our hands. We can either choose to take a blind eye, play the blame game, or we can act together and make positive change for all our sakes .

How you can help

Friends of WUCT are assisting in many ways daily. Their involvement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Networking on behalf of WUCT, introducing the Trust to potential new donors or forging other useful relationships.
  • Assisting with special fundraising events by volunteering, arranging special prizes or sponsorships etc.
  • Advertising WUCT Fundraising events to your existing network.
  • Hosting or arranging elite fundraising events for the Trust.
  • Contributing to the costs of WUCT.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering opportunities at WUCT are numerous.  We act as a facilitating hub for the activities of the community and as such look for the expertise of others to help.  We are always looking for committed individuals who have the time for constant support over a period of time.  The best way to find out the many ways you can help is to visit us, so contact us to arrange this.

Financial Contribution

Many Supporters of WUCT do not have the physical time to get involved on a regular basis and choose to make financial contributions. The breakdown below gives an idea, but is not limited to, how funds will be allocated in the Organisation per annum. An Article 18A Tax Certificate will be handed to you for all donations made.

WUCT Cost Breakdown