The future of our country, our communities and our people are in our hands. We can either choose to take a blind eye, play the blame game, or we can act together and make positive change for all our sakes.

The people of Westlake Village have been blessed with a strong spirit and in Rhoda Kadalie’s words, “WUCT is evidence of a community taking its destiny into its own hands”.   With a responsible and capable management team and an established track record, a corporate that partners with WUCT can be sure that it is making the maximum ROI.

Corporate benefits

Partnering with WUCT means that you are actively contributing to making a difference in the lives of a poverty stricken community comprised of over 95% previously disadvantaged individuals. By including WUCT as a registered non-profit organisation in your Corporate Social Responsibility budget, you can benefit from your donation. More than 95% of the WUCT beneficiaries are from a previously disadvantaged background, allowing you full points on your BEE scorecard. Being a Public Benefit Organisation, you will also be provided with an Article 18A tax certificate for all donations made to the organisation.

What does WUCT do?

WUCT employs 55 people at its multi-service facility that acts as a facilitating hub for the community of approximately 8000 people.  The staff is mostly employed from the community and 95% from historically disadvantaged individuals.  The project addresses issues of extreme poverty, ill health, early childhood development, unemployment and social problems.  Our pre-school caters for 210 children, our Home Based Care programme has 350 clients, with the carers conducting on average 2000 home visits per month.  Our Community Advice Office placed 185 people in employment in 2012.

Accountability and Sustainability

To ensure the balance between transparency and integrity the WUCT financial process adheres to specific guiding principles.

Corporate Governance and Management

WUCT is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation in South Africa hereby ensuring high standards of governance, accountability and transparency are maintained.

Why WUCT when there are so many other deserving charities?

At WUCT, a proven and award winning model is being followed which has delivered extraordinary results to date. Our reputation and integrity is of vital importance to us and we pride ourselves in the following achievements:

  • Practicing excellent Corporate Governance
  • Securing at least 25% of its expenses through self-generated funds, and in doing so ensuring that the project builds its sustainability.
  • Annual Audited Financials


Letter of endorsement received from Lewis Stores (Click here to view).