Change a Life with WUCT

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 In partnership with GiveSA, WUCT challenges you to Change a Life with your donation to WUCT, starting on the International Day of Giving


Give SA is a collaboration of connectors wanting to see, amongst other things, every South African giving whatever they can to organisations on the frontline of development.

South Africa is a giving nation, whether they have a lot to give or just a few coins to spare. By giving to non profit and community organisation across South Africa, you can help to transform this country, one donation at a time.  Click here to download the  Give SA MANIFESTO

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Changing Lives with your donations

R 100 will get 20 packs of bandages stops infection spreading
R 200 will get 1 pack of adult nappies protecting the dignity of those in need OR 1 food parcel which could feed a family of 4 for a week
R 300 pays for 1 child to be educated at Emmanuel Educare for 1 month giving them a bright future plus 3 nourishing meals
R 500 could pay for 1 vulnerable child to go on a camp over a long week-end during the holiday season, often their only outing for Christmas
R 1 000 will enable 300 people, mostly the elderly suffering from hypertension and diabetes, those suffering from TB and HIV, to attend weekly support groups for a month


 You can help change lives in whichever method you prefer:

  • Online through GivenGain (don’t forget to select the “Today, and monthly” if you are able to make this an ongoing payment).
  • By debit order or cash (download our DONATION FORM CHANGINGALIFE for further information)

Sharing is caring

This campaign asks people to share their giving on social media, using the hashtags #iGiveSA to @WUCT_WP:

    • #iGiveSA to @WUCT_WP because every child deserves a decent education
    • #iGiveSA to @WUCT_WP because all South Africans deserve to live healthy lives with dignity
    • #iGiveSA to @WUCT_WP because all residents in Tokai deserve to be able to work

Set yourself up as a WUCT GivenGain Activist

If you like what we’re doing, join the movement and get your own Activist Page.

Great acts are made up of small deeds: activists inspire others because we understand that people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

#1: Join the WUCT GivenGain movement

It’s free and takes less than two minutes. Click on Get Your Activist Page. Select your address (, enter a one-line bio, and upload your profile picture.

#2: Create one or more fundraising projects for WUCT

Select the cause you want to help.  Search for Westlake and Westlake United Church Trust will appear.  Select the amount you want to raise.

Then share the Change a Life with WUCT campaign  with others, you will inspire contributions for your cause.  WUCT has created simple email templates that you can use to email your contacts, or just use the

#3: Sharing is Caring


Once you’ve created your Activist project, tell the world about it:

  • Send an email to your close friends, family members and colleagues to tell them about your project
  • Post about it on Facebook (at least twice a week for the duration of your project) – Put text like, I’ve changed a life with WUCT – are you in?
  • Tweet about it daily
  • Tell people at church, in your cell group, running club or wherever you see them face-to-face!
  • Remember to include the link to your unique Activist project, e.g.

#4. Take part in the conversation

Comment on just about anything. Post your project updates to Facebook, pull in Twitter tweets, add your Picasa or Flickr photos, or attach Youtube videos.

#5. Follow and be followed

Follow like-minded or interesting activists and stay updated on what they are doing. Your followers and donors are notified when you update your project.

#6. Build your influence

Activists have influence. It’s not only about the number of followers we have, but our ability to make things happen. We measure that and called it our iPV (Influence Point Value).