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Accolades for the 2016 Nativity Plays

25 Nov

Emmanuel Educare had two Nativity Plays this year, held on two consecutive Saturdays.  The younger children made up the cast of the first performance, and the following week the older children performed.  It was a wonderful event, and the following letter was received which gives some idea as to how the shows were received:

Dear Richard,  also  Principal Hazel & Staff at Emmanuel Educare,  & ALL involved in the 2016 Nativity Presentation, & of course, to  ALL the  CHILDREN,

THANK YOU,  THANK YOU  for a most wonderful production; Last year 2015, I said it was the best I’d ever seen in about 15 years,  but I believe that this time God was glorified in such a special way …..

The highlights for me were the following : 

  • the choice of music, the singing, the dancing, the acting & speaking;
  • the timing : just 1 hour !  well done !
  • the Guest Artist with her simply beautiful voice, sung like a birdsong, only one verse, just enough!
  • the SHEPHERDS’  Rock n Roll  Song & Dance, brought the roof down with applause,
  • & a new way of doing the Drummer Boy song !  fantastic drumming with their hands on the wooden floor & stamping their feet !
  • a completely NEW ITEM:  the couples/pairs, representing folk from the community, young & old,  dancing/worshipping before the new-born Babe;
  • finally, I was very impressed with the turnout of Parents from the Community ….

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on all the hard work;  may you all have a blessed Christmas & on Christmas Eve may you close your eyes for a moment & remember those little ANGELS in white & the amazing DANCERS in red.

For me it was a privilege to be in the audience, thanks for keeping me posted.  I continue to give thanks & praise for what God is doing in the lives of folk at WUCT,  have a good holiday & come back in 2017 filled with God’s peace, His purpose for you amongst His people.

Much love,

(Name supplied).