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Rotary Family Health Day

09 Oct

On Wednesday 7 October, we hosted a Rotary Family Health Day in our Community Centre hall. This was a joint venture with Constantia Rotary, City of Cape Town Health Directorate, Dept of Health and NGO’s. The hall was buzzing with people and our carers worked until late in the afternoon. There was a jumping castle outside which the children enjoyed playing on and we had various stations inside the hall with different activities focussing on health issues. A woman from Dept of Health educated the children on the importance of brushing teeth and demonstrated hand washing. Altogether, over 400 people registered (including 200 children).

26 people were tested for HIV (2 positives)
106 BP’s were taken.
103 HGT’s (blood sugar levels)
26 screened for TB (of which 8 were referred)
63 BMI’s were done (of which 38 were overweight or obese).

However, the highlight was the eye testing. There was a long queue to have their eyes tested. 61 people were tested by Alan Wise Optometrist of the Westlake Lifestyle Centre. We are so grateful to him for giving up his morning to come to Westlake village to carry out this free service for our underprivileged community. WUCT was donated spectacles from Rotary and we issued 56 pairs to those who needed them.

Some further stats –
200 toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps were distributed
240 bottles of water
400 apples were handed out

It was a fantastic success. A big thank you to Geoff Kemperer of Rotary and everyone else who was involved in the preparations and on the day.

(Report by Di Forrester).