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17 Jan

We held our annual Summer Camp for 49 of our orphans and vulnerable children at the Rotary camp in Glencairn, Simonstown last weekend (9-11 Jan ’15). We hired a luxury coach, which transported the children and 9 group leaders, as well as 4 caterers, to the camp site. The girls and boys were in separate dormitories with their relevant facilitators/leaders. There was much fun and excitement – the children were divided into various teams, each with a leader and a co-facilitator, and points were given for good behavior and for winning obstacle courses, etc.

A highlight was a talk by a motivational speaker, Ernest Dreyer, who came on Saturday morning with his well-trained German Shepherd, and gave an inspirational message to the children about life skills relating to his dog being his best friend, and how God can be ours too, and how we need to listen to God’s voice all the time, despite temptations, etc.

One of the boys was in a wheelchair and he participated in all the activities, even swam in the pool, with the help of one of the facilitators. The food was well prepared and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Another highlight was a fashion show on Saturday night when the children had to create a swimsuit, a piece of daywear and eveningwear out of scrap items such as foam cups, tins, leaves, and plastic bags, etc. Wonderful teamwork took place and there was much fun and laughter. Prizes were awarded afterwards. One of the children commented that the best thing about the camp was that she had her own bed to sleep on.

(Report by Di & Arlene)