Rotary family health days

15 May

The Rotary Club of Constantia partnered with Metro District Health Services, the City of Cape Town, Department of Health, WUCT, Compassion in Action, Environmental Health and Westlake Clinic to bring free health services to the community from Thurs 9 May to Sat 11 May ’13 at the Westlake Community Centre hall.

 Rotary Family Health Days were held at 180 sites across the country at the same time. Our site provided free TB testing, diabetes and Blood Pressure screening, BMI, HIV counseling and testing, polio and measles vaccinations and deworming, Vit A drops for children, male medical circumcision information, cancer awareness, eye testing, and general hygiene and health education.

 Over 200 people were seen in the 3 days.

 The eye testing was the most popular station – 88 people had their eyes tested by Alan Wise Optometrist from the Westlake Lifestyle Centre. 75 people needed glasses and 5 needed medical attention. It made everyone realize what a huge need it is. A big thank you to Alan Wise, who gave up 2 days to come and do the testing for the underprivileged residents of Westlake community who do not often have the opportunity to have their eyes tested.