Response to Constantiaberg Bulletin: New twist in housing row

08 May

Constaniaberg Bulletin, Verna va Diemen

Re. Constantiaberg Bulletin May 2, 2013, front page article New twist in housing row

Dear Verna,

I read your newspaper dated 2nd May 2013 and would like to clarify some of the points quoted.

  • You refer to the Westlake Community Church Trust, when I believe you mean the Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT).
  • The Trust’s chairman is Rev. David Gray and the Management Committee’s chairman is Mr. James McGregor.
  • Mr. Patrick Heynes, who you wrote was chair of the Westlake Community Church Trust, is in fact the chair of the Westlake Community Foundation.(WCF)
  • The WCF is the leadership body representing the Westlake community.
  • WUCT works closely with, but is separate from the WCF.
  • Both organizations serve to address community development needs.
  • WUCT focuses primarily on education, health and community advice, as well as offering skills development.
  • WUCT owns the Westlake Community Centre and hires out space, as available, to different organizations.
  • WUCT provides to WCF, free of charge, an office, an internet connected pc and a telephone
  • The operating costs involved (electricity, water, insurance, repairs and maintenance) in managing the community center are not inconsequential and it is necessary to charge a rental fee to maintain the long-term sustainability of the operation.
  • The R20.00 per hour referred to in your article is in line with the lowest rentals levied by any City of Cape Town owned community centers.

I should appreciate it if you would print a correction in your next issue to ensure that today’s article is factually accurate.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Barnes,

General Manager


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