Easter Appeal

27 Mar

We would like to thank all those that have in the past, and plan to give us Easter Eggs.  It is always nice to have something sweet.

Our Community is having to overcome an Easter where the battle to obtain the basic necessities in life is a continual plight.  We therefore ask that your kindness be diverted to helping us assist them in this struggle.

Our Community needs:

  • FOOD: orange squash, biscuits, bread, peanut butter, margarine, tinned pilchards, coffee, teabags, sugar, tinned food, non perishables (rice, sugar, soya)
  • Supermarket vouchers (R100)
  • TOILETERIES: sanitary towels, girls & boys deodorant sprays, adult nappies, children’s nappies, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, face cloth
  • MEDICAL SUPPLIES: bandages, gloves, linen savers
  • STOCK FOR SECOND HAND SHOP: clothing in good condition, furniture

Drop off any of these items with your pastor, at school or with us! Any large items we can collect from your home (9am-3pm): do contact us.

Many thanks and have a blessed Easter!