Happy Birthday, Madiba!

18 Jul

Today (18 July ’12) is Mandela Day – there was much excitement in the office as we all thought about what to do for our 67 minutes. Our fieldworkers, together with the help of a volunteer from Lakeside, Carly, as well as Revel Tours (who happened to be visiting Westlake this morning), decided to distribute 67 food parcels (kindly donated by Joyce Meyer Ministries) to needy people in the village, who don’t normally receive a food parcel. So we drove into the community in a convoy of 3 cars and the people were so grateful – it took us only half an hour to hand out 67. So, we thought we would hand out another 67, which we did – and believe it or not, when we got back to the centre we realised the whole process had taken exactly 67 minutes! Amazing!! I don’t know who was more blessed – those who gave, or those who received! 

Thank you, Joyce Meyer, you have made such a difference to so many in our community, especially those who are unemployed.

Whilst we were busy in the village, another 67 food parcels arrived from Nutri Pharma Solutions in the Westlake Business Park, so Anthea, the manager of our Advice Office, handed them out this afternoon in the hall to the woman’s group and the elderly people who belong to the chronic support group. Thank you, Nutri Pharma Solutions, for your wonderful donation on this special day!