Thanks to Multichoice, computer training is underway

24 Feb

Last year, through Lester Cooper at Church of the Holy Spirit (an employee of Multichoice)  a number of used computers were donated to the pre-school.  We installed Ubuntu as the operating system on the computers as well as a pre-school Ubuntu educational bundle.  Each class now has a PC in the classroom for the use of the young learners.

Instruction at this stage is very basic.  Children learn about the mouse, keyboard, and how to turn the machine on and off correctly.  Although they have only been able to use these computers for a few weeks, some of the young learners are really beginning to shine.  Young Aaron Mphande, for example, can turn the PC on and find his way to the educational bundle.  Once there he selects a programme to play with and soon he is matching words with objects.  Impressive stuff, and sure to give our young learners quite an advantage when it comes to computers at Primary School.

Our grateful thanks to Multichoice for making this possible.