Westlake necklaces popular in Switzerland

16 Sep

We received some fan mail from Switzerland regarding the necklaces that are made here at Westlake. To quote from the letter: “Here are two pics of three of our Webster University Geneva students wearing your beads. They are about to become all the rage here.

Please show the ladies how their wonderful work has been received in Switzerland.

The coloured beads are really sought after and I would like to look with you for a way to order another 40 of these.They are all gone and I still have lots of the browns, blues and greens. Unfortunately I do not have anyone coming over at the moment from Cape Town.

Do you have a way of mailing them to me at Webster Geneva if the cost is not too great? See address below. We don’t need anything other than snail mail so as to save costs. Alternatively if someone is coming to Switzerland we could try and make this work.

….I would like perhaps to sell the next batch at our first Webster Geneva Counseling Conference on 19th, 20th and 21st October if possible”.