WUCT employs 55 people, all of whom are in their own right WUCT stars. Here’s just a few stories of the amazing people who work for us.

Trevor Neil Fortuin, The Community Advice Office, 2nd in command_MG_8094

Born in Wynberg, at 6 months he was diagnosed with Polio and was in hospital until he was 4 years old. Trevor and his mother were given a place to live by Cafda, in Retreat, where his 2 sisters and 2 brothers grew up, and where Trevor stayed until the age of 32. The eldest of 5, Trevor is fortunate that his siblings remain in Cape Town and he has lived in Westlake for many years, with his friend. In his spare time Trevor likes to chill, but also coaches basketball in Bellville. He is the leader of the Westlake Community Foundation for people with disability.

André Isaacs, WUCT, Caretaker

Born in Cape Town, André left school at the age of 15, steered towards a life of gangsterism by his uncles, aunts and cousins.He later moved to Parkwood  and was blessed with the presence of the Lord who turned his life around.He joined the Doctrine of Christ church where he met his wife of 16 years.This life changing experience enabled André to get back in touch with his daughter, then 14 years old, from a previous relationship and be part of her life.She is now 21 and earned her matric.With his wife Susan he has two girls, 16 and 10.He has been living in Westlake for 15 years, worked initially at Hanger Man in Steenberg, for 4 years, and then at WUCT since 2005.André is a devout Christian, serves on the Church council as an evangelist, and his wife and daughter sing in the Worship Team.In his spare time he prays with his wife. André’s favourite colour is red, the colour of energy, passion and action.

Shirley Ann Thomas, Caretaker, WUCT_MG_8118

Named after her mother’s one true love, Shirley Bassey, Shirley Ann was a keen sportswoman. Her love of sport, coupled with her mum’s of Shirley Bassey caused her no end of problems at school, when wanting to send her on a sports tour, it was found out that her name was really Lizel, and not Shirley Ann. That ended Shirley Ann’s school career. She moved to Cape Town, must have been Westlake, at the age of 21, where she looked after her 3 brothers, then 16, 12 and 5, whilst also scavenging for rejects at the local baby goods factory to sell at the side of the street to help with a small income whilst her mother suffered from the effects of alcoholism. She moved to Westlake twenty years ago where she met her husband of 11 years. They have 3 boys, Isaiah (14), Andrew (10) and Shane (8). Shirley Ann has worked as a hairdresser, a hospital cleaner in the kitchen and in private homes before coming to WUCT 3 years ago. She likes dancing and socialising in her spare time and favourite colours are orange, blue and purple.

Veronica Weier, Home Based Care, 2nd in command_MG_7872

Veronica is an ordinary woman making an extraordinary impact in her corner of the world.

She and her husband live in Westlake Village, an impoverished community juxtaposed amongst the wealth of Constantia and Tokai. As a pillar of society there, she is on the governing body at Westlake Primary School, a health worker for Westlake United Church Trust and a councillor for the trauma rooms at Kirstenhof Police Station.

But what really sets Veronica apart is her unconditional love and generosity toward the children in Westlake. As if fostering just 1 child is not hard work enough, her humble home has been designated a Safe House and an additional 6 children (aged 1 ½ to 13 years old) have been warmly welcomed in. With little or no funding from social welfare for these children, times are lean but hope abounds.

Four of these children were found under the bridge of the M3, at the Ou Kaapse Weg turnoff. Veronica and her husband’s love, care and nurturing of these children is slowly enabling them to reach for the bright futures they deserve. The eldest has been nominated for a scholarship at the Norman Henshilwood High School.