Management Team

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Dave Barnes, General Manager, WUCT_MG_8090

Dave has been running WUCT for 7 years bringing with him the experience of 23 years in business and people management, plus qualifications in environmental engineering. He has lived in Cape Town for the last 17 years, and previously in the small mining community of Klerksdorp just west of Johannesburg for another 17 years. A fanatical Manchester United fan since 1962, and one who has actually been to hundreds of matches at Old Trafford, Dave is thoroughly enjoying being a grandfather to 4 kids, father to 3, and husband to Liz, his lifelong support, friend and love. Liz is also very involved in her own right with WUCT focussing on adult education. They enjoy cooking and food in general and Dave is a real lover of Blues and Rock music; he recently went to Eric Clapton’s 50th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall, fulfilling a life-long dream.

Mrs Eleanor Lawrence, Principal, Emmanuel Educare


Eleanor was previously a primary school teacher and upon retiring took on the role of managing Emmanuel.In addition to her leadership, Eleanor also supervises the catering staff, ensuring that the kitchen is properly run, provisions are on hand, and that nourishing meals are prepared for all the children.From 32 children originally, the school now serves 194 young learners – that’s a vast increase in the number of children hungry for knowledge and food! Eleanor lives in Grassy Park and has a daughter, Inge, who now lives with her husband in the UK, together with their young son Zachary.

Anthea Thebus, Manager Advice Office_MG_8111

Anthea manages the Community Advice Office and has lived in Westlake Village for x years, working for WUCT for 10. She is truly the font of all knowledge and uses her natural wit and charm to make WUCT work. She also has 6 years experience in the retail sector at The Foschini Group adding glamour to her list of achievements. Anthea is a quite rightly a pillar of the community, an Executive member of the Westlake Community Foundation and Chairperson of Women and Children. She was the Presiding Officer for the Ward Elections and is the Pastor’s wife Assistant at x church. She lives with her husband and 2 children in Westlake Village and loves nothing more than a good laugh and joke.