Management Team

Richard Saner, General Manager, WUCT

Following the retirement of Dave Barnes in 2016, Richard Saner was appointed manager of Westlake United Church Trust.

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Nicci Woodbridge: Project manager – Home/Community Based Care

Nicci Woodbridge is the Admin assistant/Project Manager for the Home based care Department and Department of Social Development. She is married with three beautiful daughters. She enjoys working with people and being part of the team at WUCT. Nicci says “I am inspired to support the community as there are so many needs from poverty, hunger as well as a need for basic care in the homes of those unable to help themselves. It is a privilege to work with the HBC team who bare their souls at times and stick together as a team in caring for the community. I am inspired when I see joy on the faces of some of the community when WUCT has met a need. My passion is to see everybody in the community fed every day.”

Sister Wilhelmina (Koekie) Eichhorn: Co-ordinator, Home/Community Based Care.

Sister Koekie started her nursing career at age 17 and hasn’t stopped since. We fondly call her “Mother Theresa” as she is dedicated, extremely passionate about Westlake Community and drives from house to house doing home visits to the mothers of new borns. Even in extreme weather and during taxi riots and violence when the Home based carers were asked not to work that day, she came in and drove into the community to complete her clinic check ups of patients who were house bound and could not physcially attend the HBC clinic. An absolutly fearless and strong woman and a role model to us all!

Sister Koekie has 3 sons, all working together supplying machinery to the mines.  Her interests are people, reading, knitting and her garden.

Arlene Kalima – Co-ordinator of Child Care and Protection Department

Arlene simply loves children, she would like to think of herself as a child activist; her greatest dream is to see the children of her community play like children, maintain their innocence and be free.

She lives in Westlake Village together with her husband and two beautiful daughters.
Arlene spent most of her life working with children and youth.  She did a few courses in community building, child care and counselling.  She opened her home as a place of safety, presently fostering three toddler boys.   In 2012 she joined the amazing team at WUCT in the Child Care and Protection Department.  She had the joy of seeing hurting kids smile again and teenagers moving from suicide, completely hopeless to loving life despite its challenges.

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men” – F. Douglas


Mrs Hazel Albertus, Principal, Emmanuel Educare

Followiing the retirement of Mrs Eleanor Lawrence in 2016, Hazel Albertus was appointed Principal of Emmanuel Educare.  Hazel is also a Grade R teacher at the pre-school, and has been at Emmanuel Educare almost since its inception in 2002.

Hazel has many years of experience teaching, and moved to Emmanuel from Steenberg Vineyards. She is well known in the community, and is renowned for her annual production of the Emmanuel Educare Nativity Play.  Juggling the responsibility of both teacher and principal is not an easy task, and we are grateful that Hazel has managed to fill the role. Hazel lives in Strandfontein and has two adult sons.  Born in Rondebosch, Hazel moved tro Steenberg at age 4.  Her husband died in 2004.

Hazel is proud of the achievements of her past pupils.  Based on the great foundation that was laid at Emmanuel, many have gone on to excel both academically and in other fields such as dance.

Anthea Thebus, Manager Advice Office_MG_8111

Anthea manages the Community Advice Office and has lived in Westlake Village for a number of years, working for WUCT for more than 10. She is truly the font of all knowledge and uses her natural wit and charm to make WUCT work. She also has 6 years experience in the retail sector at The Foschini Group adding glamour to her list of achievements. Anthea is a quite rightly a pillar of the community, an Executive member of the Westlake Community Foundation and Chairperson of Women and Children. She was the Presiding Officer for the Ward Elections and is the Pastor’s wife Assistant at her church. She lives with her husband and 2 children in Westlake Village and loves nothing more than a good laugh and joke.