WUCT Annual General Meeting: Report

31 Oct

Our AGM was held on the afternoon of Saturday 28 October 2017.  It was attended by Trustees, staff members, Penny East (our Ward Councillor), Colonel June Cilliers (Kirstenhof Police Station), donors and supporters, and the community of Westlake. There were various items on the Agenda and the keynote speaker was Gerhard van der Merwe of eMI, who gave an interesting overview of the needs in Westlake, including social housing. However, the highlight was the home based carers singing (with the audience joining in) and the Emmanuel Educare children who danced so beautifully. Well done, Teacher Hazel, to get the children to dance like that is truly incredible. It was a successful meeting. Refreshments were served afterwards and everyone enjoyed the time to chat and fellowship with one another.

Report by Di Forrester; See video and other news on our Facebook page.