Change a Life with WUCT on the International Day of Giving

21 Nov

A new national giving campaign has been created on 21st November to help transform South Africa, one donation at a time, and WUCT challenges you to Change a Life with WUCT.


Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) provides Health, Education and Advice to the residents of Westlake Village. WUCT’s mission is to uplift and empower the residents of Westlake Village through education, skills development, job creation and home based care, so that it will become a self-sustaining and thriving community.

Imagine that a few minutes of your time and generosity could give a child a proper education, ensure an elderly person was cared for with dignity, give an unemployed person the chance to learn some new skills or ensure that an abused woman has a safe place to go.

By giving to WUCT you can do this!

GiveSA is putting the power in the people’s hands to help transform South Africa

Give SA is a collaboration of connectors wanting to see, amongst other things, every South African giving whatever they can to organisations on the frontline of development.

South Africa is a giving nation, whether they have a lot to give or just a few coins to spare. By giving to non profit and community organisations across South Africa, you can help to transform this country, one donation at a time.

Download the full Give SA manifesto on

Changing Lives with your donations

R 100 will get 20 packs of bandages that will stop infection spreading
R 200 will get 1 pack of adult nappies protecting the dignity of those in the hour of their most need OR 1 food parcel which could feed a family of 4 for a week
R 300 pays for 1 child to be educated at Emmanuel Educare for 1 month giving them a bright future plus 3 nourishing meals
R 500 could pay for 1 vulnerable child to go on a camp over a long week-end during the holiday season, often their only outing for Christmas
R 1 000 will enable 300 people, mostly the elderly suffering from hypertension, asthma and diabetes, those suffering from TB and HIV, to attend weekly support groups for a month

Give now. Give well

You can make a difference in various ways

• Online through GiveGain –
• With cash or by EFT or debit order – download the Donation Form CHANGINGALIFE –