Learn, Share, Give Back – Westlake Businesses and NPOs Working Together

20 Sep

On 18 September 2013, Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) and Westlake Community Foundation were honoured to host a breakfast briefing yesterday where they presented their vision and goals, and where Paul Galatis shared Yuppiechef’s expertise in the power of Excellent Customer Service.  VIP guests included Colonel June Cilliers of Kirstenhof Police and Councillor Penny East.

WUCT shared their vision, to develop a sustainable and well managed operation to one day in the future hand over to the community as a legacy.  WUCT addresses the needs of the community in three ways, with Health, Education and Information.

Health is addressed with a team of Home Based Carers who care for over 360 sick people in their homes, making around 2000 visits per months.

For Education, WUCT is focussing its tight resources on the area where it can get the most bang for its buck: Early Childhood Development (ECD) with Emmanuel Educare, catering for up to 210 local children.  As the DG Murray Trust sets out in its ECD Background Paper, “American studies have shown that for every dollar spent on preschool education, between four to eight dollars is saved in later social service costs to society (Chambers et al, 2010).

For Information, WUCT runs the Community Advice Centre, which helps with CV writing, holds a job database, and manages the WUCT facilities contributing in large part to income generation side the Trust, an area which WUCT wants to grow in order to increase its sustainability.

WUCT’s fundraiser Jo Manzi-Crean, emphasised the need to build a predictable income stream for the Trust through regular debit orders from individuals and organisations within the community.

Westlake Community Foundation WCF, the leadership body of Westlake Village, also shared its vision, to foster a community that will be inclusive and encourage prosperity for all people.  Patrick Heynes, Chairperson of WCF, emphasised inclusiveness and their commitment to working in partnership with government and commerce to build the sustainability of individuals in the village.

Yuppiechef’s Paul Galatis, shared what goes on behind the scenes at Yuppiechef to deliver the high levels of customer service, at the core of which lies Culture, Gratitude, Remarkability, Community and Care.

Paul pledged the first debit order, the first of many to come!

Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) is an award winning non-profit organisation with the mission to uplift and empower the residents of Westlake village through education, skills development and job creation programs so that it will become a self-sustaining thriving community.  For all enquiries please contact Jo Manzi-Crean, jomc@wuct.org.za, Tel. 021-702-1697.

Westlake Community Foundation (WCF) is the leadership council nominated by the residents of Westlake Village.  WCF is committed to the pursuit of all residents’ development through facilitating the interaction between all 11 sectors.  For all enquiries please contact Patrick Heynes, patrickheynes.wct@gmail.com, Tel. 021-702-1697.

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