05 Jul

AYOBA!! The 2010 Soccer World Cup has arrived in Westlake and, feel it, it is here!!! We are running a holiday program for the children everyday during this long holiday, together with 2 other organisations and the churches in Westlake. On average 200 children are attending, and there has been much excitement (and noise) in the hall (9-15 yr olds), as well as the Westlake Worship Centre, a church in the village, where the 5-8 year olds are having fun. We have had up to 15 volunteers helping, including our fieldworkers and 3 wonderful Dutch students, Tim, Gordon and Paulina, who have been with us for the past 5 months. (Thank you, guys, for ALL you have done for us! We will really miss you now your time with us is over).

The program has included upward soccer, a talk on safety by the SA Police, a treasure hunt, hip hop, danceathon, face painting, more soccer, netball, hoola hooping, movies, more soccer…. The children are fed at lunchtime with soup, sandwiches, fruit, juice, cakes, and lots of prizes have been handed out! A group of 6 English football supporters visited Westlake and played soccer with the children – needless to say, everyone had lots of fun – AND the children won!!!