Joyce Meyer food parcels for Westlake

08 Dec

Joyce Meyer Ministries has been giving us 75 food parcels per month, and we are so grateful to them for this very generous donation. As you can see from the photos, the elderly people who have hypertension and/or diabetes and belong to our chronic disease support groups received their end of year food parcels on Friday 5 December. They were thrilled to bits and there was much singing in the hall! Beatrice, the facilitator, went into the village afterwards and distributed some more to the folk who were unable to attend the meeting and who need daily home based care. We really appreciate this kind contribution from Joyce Meyer towards the work we are doing in Westlake.

We also distributed some of Joyce Meyer’s food parcels to members of an HIV support group, who were absolutely delighted! This will make such a difference to the lives of many needy families who are infected or affected by HIV/Aids.